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Lemon marmalade


The citrus fruits of the Amalfi Coast are also used to produce genuine and delicious natural marmalades.
Marmalades without preservatives and without colorants, just local fresh fruits, in order to preserve their flavors and nutritional properties.

Lemon Marmalade with a fresh and sweet-and-sour flavour, perfect for rich breakfast and healthy daily breaks, or to be used as a special ingredient in your recipes. Its high nutritional value and its genuineness make it perfect for supplementing the childrens’ diet with natural products.

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Ingredients: sugar, pulp and lemon zest

Fruit used per 100 g of product: 50g

Capacity: 240 g

Without pectin

Manufactured and packaged for Amalfi Lemon Trading S.r.l. by:

Valenti Positano S.r.l -Via G. Marconi 142 – 84017 Positano (SA)

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240 gr


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