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Our stores in Amalfi

Our store and laboratory in Amalfi

The real Amalfi Limoncello, made with Amalfi lemons and bottled in Amalfi, according to the family tradition. Don’t trust words, trust certifications: our liqueurs have the guarantee label that certifies that we use the real PGI Amalfi Coast Lemons, moreover our lemons are Organic-certified.

The Showroom and the Company

Via delle Cartiere 55/57

Isn’t that enough? You can confirm everything with your own eyes. Come and visit our factory, walking up the main street of Amalfi you will find our showroom and our processing workshop, where you can watch live the traditional processes of craftsmanship and daily working handed down from 5 generations.

You will discover the uniqueness of each individual product and be able to understand all the processing steps that characterise its authenticity!

Retail stores of our products

You can also find our products at the following points of sale:

– Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi 11, Amalfi

La Boutique del Gusto – Via Pietro Capuano 26, Amalfi

Fusco Pasquale – Piazza Duomo 34, Amalfi

Bar della Valle – Via Cardinale Marino del Giudice 2, Amalfi

La Borsa dei Sapori – Via Mola 47/49, Furore


Amalfitama – Via Fra Gerardo Sasso 8, Amalfi
La Piccola Repubblica – Piazza Spirito Santo 26, Amalfi
Gusti & Delizie – Via Roma 28/30, Ravello