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About us

Discover our family’s roots

La Valle dei Mulini is the iconic brand that identifies the products of the historic Aceto Family, five generations of PGI Amalfi Coast Lemon farmers.

Since 1825 we preserve this passion from father to son, keeping intact the craftsmanship processes handed down over time and using only Organic-certified lemons that we grow, harvest and select on our own. From producer to consumer, the real made in Amalfi.

According to the philosophy of short supply chain and organic farming, and the values of transparency, sustainability and tradition we try to safeguard the natural heritage and provide the world with liqueurs, flavors and aromas of Amalfi.

The brand name is a tribute to the area in which our family has been established for many years, the Valle dei Mulini (Mills Valley), the inner most part of that natural amphitheater that opens onto the sea of Amalfi.