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Lemon Honey 250 g


One of the products we are most proud of, Organic certified.
The hives inside our lemon groves are home to several domestic bees, which, during the bloom, collect the nectar of the Organic PGI Amalfi Coast Lemon flowers.

The wise and expert hands of our beekeeper collect the fruit of their harmonious work: an Organic honey from Amalfi lemon flowers, which is enriched with all the beneficial properties of this citrus, with a great scent and a very delicate taste.
You can put it on bread and biscuits, or use it to sweeten tea or coffee. Its high nutritional value, its genuineness and its delicate taste make it perfect for supplementing the childrens diet with natural products.

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Ingredients: Nectar collected by domestic bees completely natural and organic certified (certification Suolo e Salute), implanting during the period oof flowering of our company’s lemon groves. Whole virgin, spun, unpasteurized honey.

Use: You can put it on bread and biscuits, or use it to sweeten tea or coffee, with high nutritional value.

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250 gr


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