Pistachio Cream Liqueur 20 cl

The unique taste of Pistachio blends with milk to create a unique creamy liqueur: an authentic delicacy.
The small iridescent green fruits are skilfully processed to obtain a balanced but strong flavour.

Refreshing digestive, to be tried also as “topping” to accompany ice cream and cakes.



Alcohol content: 17%.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol, pistachio paste 4%, (shelled and toasted pistachios, dyes: E100, E141), skimmed milk powder, aromas

Use: digestive functions, preparation of cocktails, garnish of cakes and ice cream.

Presence of allergens: milk and dairy products

Manufactured and bottled by: Amalfi Lemon Trading S.r.l. Via delle Cartiere, 55/1 – Amalfi (SA)

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20 cl


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